A quick check can prevent a big mess.

You probably stand in front of your washing machine several times a week or more. But how often do you check, or even think about, the hoses that supply your machine with hot and cold water?

Don’t feel bad—most people never think about their washer hoses until they fail. But you don’t want that because a failed hose can make a huge mess, flood and cause expensive damage to your home. In fact, failed washing machine hoses are the number one source of home insurance claims.*

Hose check. Determining if your hoses are in good shape is pretty straightforward. Look for leaks and also inspect the hoses to see if they have any bulges or cracks. While you’re there, make sure your machine has at least four inches clearance from the wall to prevent hose kinking and damage.

One more thing—be sure you know where your washer shutoff valves are. If a hose bursts, you can minimize the mess and damage by quickly shutting the water off. Also, never leave home while your washing machine is running.

Replace your hoses. Obviously you should replace your hoses immediately if you do find leaks, bulges or cracks. But to be safe, you should also replace them if they are three years old or more. Schoonover Plumbing generally recommends stainless steel hoses to avoid the potential leaks and deterioration of rubber hoses.

Contact your Schoonover plumbing professional today to inspect or replace your washer hoses, or if you have any other plumbing questions.